ELM-Endorsed Guide Training Schools

ELM Guide School

Completion of the ELM Home Study Course is a prerequisite to attending
any of our Highly Qualified “Gold Seal Approved” Hands-on Guide Training Schools for
Big Game Guides, and Packers.

Shoal Creek Outfitters
– Jackson Hole, WY
Camp Cooking Class Is Available.

Wilderness Outfitters Guide & Packer School
– Missoula, MT

ELM Training and Education: Become a Guide Packer

Here at ELM outfitters and guide training school program, we have a very strong code of ethics and guidelines as to how our endorsed guide schools are run and how students are trained.*Elm schools must measure up to our expectations.* Each of our schools are endorsed equally by ELM due to the fact the instructors have the most experience and qualifications as seasoned outfitters and guides themselves with many miles and years to their credit. These instructors know what it truly takes to succeed and they are the absolute best in the business to train you. They as do the outfitters we work with all know the vital importance the home study course makes in preparing students for the hands on training class.There will also be guest instructors such as a taxidermist and a farrier who will heighten your learning experience. We personally correspond with each student, observe their progress, giving them straight/honest answers to all their questions. We advise and counsel them well after they are on their way to becoming top guides/packers. Many of our past students have gone on to running their own very successful outfitting businesses.They were able to obtain the ability to do this through the training they received in our program, along with working for big game hunting outfitters several years. They now contact us often when they are looking for help.

Each of the hands-on schools offer a month-long training class that’s run in actual wilderness conditions. We only allow the schools to have a maximum of up to 10 students per class, as we look for quality not quantity Keeping the class small allows you, the student, to receive the best education you deserve and need. The small class size also makes your training more personalized. We have a set hands-on training curriculum our schools must follow. First and Foremost is: Ethics & Attitude in this business! Horsemanship, packing (decker and sawbuck methods), wrangling, game care, transporting of livestock, shoeing, use of saws, weapons, guiding skills, scoring, woodsmanship, camp set-up, wilderness cooking, forest service and fish and game regulations, First Aid and CPR. See full curriculum.

There are a few guide training schools in this industry that offer separate wrangling and or a packing class. We find this to be totally unnecessary as all of our students are taught these skills in the correct way during their hands on class at any of our schools. Another very important aspect of our schools training is, they have students riding and working with the horse and mules more then any other training program around. “This makes a HUGE difference” When you have completed both the ELM Outfitters and Guides Home Study Prep-Course and the hands on training class, the Diplomas you receive from each will be a mark of achievement that you can show with pride, knowing you are the best you can be and ready to begin your new career! Classes do fill quickly.

*Which ever of our endorsed schools you choose to attend* excellence in training is what you will receive! Elm schools must earn the privilege of our endorsement due to their teaching abilities. All of the schools maintain the very high standards which have been set forth by ELM.The guide training schools we endorse use the curriculum which is approved by ELM. Give us a call to find out why our schools are the BEST in the business.(406) 777-5766

"Our Program Trains for Success"

"Our Students Achieve Success"