Have you ever wondered what it would take to become a Professional Big Game Hunting Guide?
ELM Outfitters & Guides Training Program will show you every step of the way!
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A smart man once said, “Do what you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life!”

Established in 1959 here in Montana.

We are now celebrating over five decades of professional outfitter and wilderness guide training in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. ELM's role as the education and training leader in the big game outfitting and guiding industry stems from being America's very first big game hunting guide and packer training program.

Our guide school [Home Study Prep-Course] and the curriculm we have set for each of the hands on training class schools to go over with students] is approved by all of the boards of outfitters in the Rockies.*That makes a big difference* We offer you the most intense, comprehensive, field proven Home Study Course and Hands on Training available anywhere. Integrity is what it's all about.

If you're serious about beginning a career as a guide, packer or camp cook and looking for a quality training program, with an excellent reputation and which has the "most experience" in this industry. ELM's Guide Training Program is the best place for you to get started! Give us a call 406-961-3603, "We personally answer the phone and will give you straight answers to your questions." We are true professionals.

ELM: Where Tomorrow's Outfitters and Guides Are Trained Today™

ELM Hunter Guide Training

The ELM Outfitters and Guides Training Program has been in the business of training indiviuals longer then any other guide school program out there. "This makes a big difference" We are dedicated to providing the best possible outdoor training to every student, whether you are looking for a new career or just want to fine tune your wilderness & outdoor skills. "ELM oversees the entire training program" The Home Study Prep-Course, Directive over the Hands on Schools" and Job placement assistance.

With over five decades of Big Game Guide Training experience ELM will take you through the ropes of horsemanship, guiding, packing, wrangling and backwoodsmanship and all essential studies. We provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to be on your way to handling the wilderness head on.

Our Home Study Prep-Course [The Erv Malnarich Outfitters & Guides Bible] is your first step. Now in its seventh edition, it remains the standard in training for the outfitting Industry and will be the cornerstone of your whole training experience. You will complete this part of our program before going on to an ELM endorsed school.

Your four weeks of resident hands-on training is conducted right here in the Rockies. ELM Endorsed Schools are the most qualified and experienced Big Game Guide Training Schools in the United States— this assures that all of our students receive excellent and professional training "This is our commitment to you!"

The life of a Big Game Guide or Horse & Mule Packer even in this modern day computer age hasn’t changed much. There’s still plenty of hard work and long hours. There’s game to find, horses and mules to pack, trails to clear and camps to set up and maintain. We are looking for individuals with big hearts, able to think on their feet and not afraid of hard work.

Don’t believe all the hype out there on the modern day guide and packer school it’s just not true. Throw most of the gadgets out, we will train you in the time-tested ways that have been proven where it counts: in the backcountry, giving you the ability to rely on your own skilled resourcefulness and a little help from above.

It’s not always going to be easy in this rope-slinging trade as some portray, but I can tell you the sight of those hazy snow-capped peaks, dawn’s first pink light, aspens glistering in the cool autumn air, the echoing bugle of a bull elk—and the smile and handshake of a grateful client—makes this lifestyle all worth it!

Ready to learn if this is the life you have been looking for? Are you ready to explore the Heart of the Rockies? Scores of others before you have made the decision not to just sit back, but saddled up and made their dreams come true!

Start Now and Let ELM be Your Guide to a Wonderful and Unique Lifestyle!

Wrangle a career in the great outdoors!

We look forward to hearing from you soon and answer any questions you have.

Michael & Julie Knott

(406) 961-3603


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